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Honestly this all started last week. Friday you were acting really snappy so i decided okay i need time to myself before i snap back and say something i regret. I didn’t come to school monday, and tuesday afterschool i get all these questions from leeanne like “are we okay? Because we feel like you’ve been ignoring us heavy. Is everything fine? Are you avoiding us? Because helenes been texting you and calling you and you havent been answering us.” When i got your text on monday, i was busy so i didn’t reply. Not a big deal, you do the same to me. I really don’t have my charger so i turned my phone off that night to have battery for afterschool. I even asked boris and sara for their phones because mine died. And then leeanne calls that the stupidest excuse? it wasn’t an excuse. I’m sorry i don’t get missed call notifications when my phone is off. And the part that really bothered me is her calling that “a stupid excuse” when leeanne doesn’t ever call me or text me outside of school. Things like that bother me. I said hi to you after leeanne went home and you said hi to me. And I didn’t avoid you afterschool, i honestly didn’t hear you answering whatever question i had. I’ve been having lunch with julia and sara and jorge because i come back from having time for myself to being even more annoyed by dumb little things like that, like asking my friends for advice and being accused of telling the whole school and calling myself better than you. And that is why i’m being to myself.

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